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So many things in a homeowner’s life are complicated. There is a lot that goes into maintaining a property, inside and out, and for busy, overworked people, the thought of adding something else to the list is not very appealing. As a solar installer, you know that solar arrays require very little upkeep. But to prospective clients who do not know as much about solar and how it works, these systems can appear daunting in their maintenance requirements.


Luckily, this is an easy misconception to clear up! Whether a prospect brings up the subject of maintenance, or you work it into a presentation yourself, be sure to share the good news: solar panels are not as complex as they may seem.


Focusing on The Long Term

As with many other questions or concerns about solar energy, it may be best to approach maintenance from a long-term perspective. Yes, there will be a bit of upheaval as clients prepare to have their array installed, and during installation, just like in the beginning stages of any home improvement or renovation project. After that, however, upkeep is extremely minimal and very easily accomplished by homeowners. There is no special equipment required, and solar panels will, for the most part, take care of themselves. Installers, you know this, so it is simply a matter of sharing that information with prospective clients.

It may also be helpful to talk to prospective clients about how reliable solar is. Sometimes when people are concerned about maintenance requirements it can be traced back to concerns about how reliable the system will be. We have all experienced power outages for one reason or another, and there are some common misconceptions about solar that can throw its reliability into question for those who do not know any different.

Be sure that your prospective clients understand that things like rainy days or dark weather will not impact the reliability of solar power. You can point them to the existence of solar projects elsewhere in the community or region, that are powering homes and businesses without issue. Any customer testimonials you have that address maintenance and reliability may also help. Essentially, what you want to do is normalize how easy solar is to use and rely on, with concrete proof of happy clients.

Look beyond the install itself to the long-term ease of solar panels, and your prospects will turn into sales.

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