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The way that you as an installer market solar to prospective customers shapes their willingness to consider this form of power. You know all of the benefits of solar power, of course, and you have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to see the positive impacts of solar power in the short- and long-term.

But for customers, who do not likely have the same level of experience as an installer, it’s the big picture questions that can spook them away. The price of solar, and how you position it to your client, is one of those questions that can make or break a sale.

Justifying the Cost of Solar

Installers and other industry experts know that solar is well worth its cost but for laypeople who do not have that ‘insider’ perspective, the high upfront cost for solar can be concerning. Prospective clients who are interested in solar may back off when they think they have to put up a lot of money, out of pocket, while waiting quite some time to see that money paid back.

Justifying the cost of solar is entirely possible, however, based on the way you answer this frequently asked question. It can be beneficial to be upfront about the cost of solar, personalizing the quote for a client so they don’t feel misled if a general quote is different from what they would actually pay. When you provide that information, be sure to explain any solar financing options, any solar programs and tax credits for which a client could qualify, and any potential solar energy buyback programs that exist. This information helps you promote the value of solar, versus just looking at its price.

Looking at the Long-Term

The details about financing and tax credits help you justify the upfront cost of solar panels to your prospective client. Next, use this opportunity to talk about the long-term, positive impacts of solar. Provide details about the money they will save over time with access to solar power. If you can estimate this accurately using details about their current energy expenditures versus what solar would do for them, all the better!

The goal is to educate homeowners about the cost of solar installation while showing how the investment will pay off in various ways. Do it right, and you’ll be signing a contract in no time.

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