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A solar client is a client who is no longer paying volatile rates over non-responsibly sourced energy. For environmentalist homeowners who also want to save money, this is the best of both worlds.

Fossil fuels feel like an inescapable reality of modern living. Natural gas, coal, petroleum — they power everything from vehicles to homes. Solar energy and other renewable energy sources are gaining in popularity, and lowering in prices, but still people pay for fuel rates which can wildly shift due to the volatile nature of supply and demand.

Fossil fuels of all kinds are limited resources, whereas the sun is always there, and free. While fuel costs rise as resources run out, the cost of generating solar energy is ever lowering, as well as being incentivized and discounted by various programs run by people and organizations who want the world to shift to an environmentally friendly practice.

That means that while fuel may cost your prospective client more and more, solar energy could, eventually, be even cheaper than fossil fuels. There’s no better time than now to make the switch, and your prospective clients will surely be eager to do so when they hear how solar can dramatically reduce their reliance on volatile fossil fuels.

Solar Power is Stable

Fuel prices fluctuate constantly, but seem to be inching higher and higher until consumers get to a point where they realize how very expensive it is to access this kind of energy. Renewable energy like solar offers a stabilization of those expenses. And, the more people demand and install renewable energy sources like solar, the less demand there will be for fuel, which can lower the costs for everyone who still has to use fuel (for gassing up a vehicle, for example).

Solar power is a predictable, routine cost, especially after installation is complete and paid for along with any subsidies or credits offered. So, not only does solar power offer energy cost stabilization for the entire market, it offers this kind of stability for individual consumers and homeowners, too.

For clients considering solar, you may not need to go into details about market, supply, and demand, but you should tailor your information about cost and savings to their specific property and its potential for solar energy installation. Show your prospects just how much solar can change their lives for the good, and enjoy the sale!

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