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For those on the lookout for the most efficient panels for their solar system, the initial thing you ought to know is how you can compare efficiency metrics for various manufacturer brands. Solar efficiency is one helpful metric that is used to figure out how much power a panel generates compared to other products.

What you need to know about solar panel efficiency

Solar panel efficiency quantifies a solar panel’s capability of converting sunlight to electricity. Given the same quantity of sunlight shining for the same amount of time on two panels with various efficiency ratings, the more efficient solar panel is going to generate more electricity than the less efficient solar panel.

For two panels of the exact same physical size, if one has a 21 percent rating and the other one has a 14 percent efficiency rating, the 21 percent efficient panel is going to generate 50 percent more kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity under precisely the same conditions as the 14 percent efficient panel. Therefore, maximizing energy usage and bill savings is extremely reliant upon having top-tier panel efficiency.

Many people and consumers in the solar industry consider panel efficiency to be the most vital criterion while evaluating the quality of a solar panel. While it’s a vital criterion, it isn’t the only one to give consideration to while you assess whether to install a certain solar panel. Solar panel efficiency is associated with the capability of the panel converting energy at a low cost, as well as high supply rate.

The top 5 most efficient panels

Below we list the top 5 best panel manufacturers in the year 2019 that are ranked based upon the greatest efficiency solar panel they offer:

  1. SunPower (22.2 percent)
  2. LG (21.1 percent)
  3. Solartech Universal (20.2 percent)
  4. Silfab (20.0 percent)
  5. Solaria (19.4 percent)

The most efficient panels in the marketplace today have efficiency ratings as great as 22.2 percent, whereby most solar panels range from 15 percent – 17 percent efficiency rating.

SunPower solar panels are well-known for being the most efficient solar panel brand obtainable. Though they’ll come with a greater price tag, SunPower will often be the consumer favorite for anyone who is concerned with efficiency as a main metric of interest. For more information and expert advice customized for your circumstances, please feel free to get in touch with SunLynk today!

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