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Florida, or the Sunshine State, is among the places ideal for solar panel installation thanks to the year-round quality sunshine. As a Floridian, you can reap the benefits of solar energy installation at your home or business premise.

Sunlynk offers a listing platform with some of the best solar companies in Winter Garden Florida, and your go-to destination for solar panel installation. At Sunlynk, we help Floridians in Winter Garden make massive savings on power bills and increase their self-reliance energy-wise by linking them with solar companies.

We work with vetted and licensed installers who handle everything, including rebate application processing. The companies understand Winter Garden’s building codes and use cutting-edge technology to realize your solar dreams.

Winter Garden’s Solar Potential

Florida is nicknamed “Sunshine State” for a reason. The state’s cities, including Winter Garden, receive ample sunshine to facilitate sustainable solar energy production.

Climate plays a significant role in facilitating solar energy production. For starters, the areas ideal for sustainable energy production typically have sunny, windy, and cool climates all year round.

Winter Garden receives approximately 234 days (about 7 and a half months) of sunshine annually. Daily temperature ranges in the Floridian city range from lows of 69°F to highs of 91°F. Therefore, the city’s sunshine intensity has the potential to sustain an efficient solar power industry.

Additionally, Winter Garden’s location in Florida is ideal for the breeze necessary for efficient and sustainable solar energy production. On the one hand, reasonably intense sunshine is necessary because solar panels have photovoltaic cells that absorb the sun’s rays, converting them into energy.

However, wind power is also necessary to maintain the solar panels’ surface temperature; a solar panel’s optimum working temperature range is 59°F to 95°F, and it loses efficiency above 95°F.

Besides more sunny days than the national average, solar panels Winter Garden Florida enjoy a year-round gentle breeze, ideal for cooling solar panels.

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Solar Laws and Regulations in Winter Garden

Florida is among the leading US states in solar energy generation, ranking fourth after Texas, California, and North Carolina. The state solar energy generation is at a utility-scale level.

Utility-scale energy production requires the state government to reduce consumer market barriers, boosting solar energy deployment. The federal government and Florida’s state government offer various incentives, including a 30% tax credit on commercial and residential solar installations.

Florida and Floridian cities are still developing policies to generate a world-class solar deployment plan. However, it has some regulations in place, including Florida Statute 163.

Florida Statute 163 governs home solar installations governed by Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Condominium Owners Associations (COAs). The statute dictates that COA and HOA leaders cannot prevent owners from installing solar panels on their property. However, they have a right to dictate where the homeowners can place the solar panels.

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Benefits of Going Solar in Winter Garden

Installing solar panels on your Winter Garden, Florida, the property carries the benefits highlighted below:

  • Property tax reduction/abatement is among Winter Garden Residents’ most significant solar installation benefits. Florida offers a 100% tax exemption for properties featuring solar panel installations within its jurisdiction. The tax exemption makes the cost of solar panels Winter Garden Florida, worthwhile.
  • Like most cities in Florida, Winter Garden is no stranger to power outages. However, installing solar panels creates independence from the state’s primary power grid, sparing power outages.
  • Installing solar panels allows your household to play its part in preserving the planet by shifting away from fossil fuels.
  • Electricity prices for energy generated from Florida’s primary power grid, which utilizes fossil fuel, are constantly rising. The price hikes for electric utility bills increase by up to $20 per month. However, installing a solar panel in your winter Garden home means saying goodbye to ever-increasing power bills.
  • The Federal and state governments offer various tax exemptions and rebates that can help Winter Garden residents who invest in solar to recoup their investment. For instance, the federal government offers a 30% Federal Tax Credit allowing you to recoup part of your installation cost. Other local tax exemptions and rebates include the Florida PACE program.

Sunlynk’s Solar Installation Services in Winter Garden

Sunlynk is an excellent listing platform for Winter Garden Florida solar installers. Once you’ve linked with a reliable solar company, they begin the installation process, which entails evaluating your homes and business premises to establish if it qualifies.

Based on the evaluation, they offer other services, including fixing rooms to pre-qualify your home for solar.

With a network of qualified installers on standby to handle your installation, Sunlynk makes solar installation in Winter Garden seamless. Find yourself a company that fits your needs and have your solar panel installed in no time.
Are you looking for solar installers in Winter Garden, Florida, Get in touch with Sunlynk.

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