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SunLynk – Your Solar Contractor in Wellington, FL

Going solar is a sensible investment for your and our planet’s future. Here at SunLynk, we’re fascinated by the idea of having solar panels on every suitable roof in the US to make our nation a better and healthier place to live.

If you are looking to purchase solar panels for your residence or business, you will need the best solar contractor in Wellington. SunLynk is your go-to team for every dilemma, question, and insecurity you have about switching to renewable energy sources in Florida.

Wellington's Solar Potential

On average, there are more than 230 sunny days yearly in Wellington.

Bright Florida skies are perfect for solar panels because they guarantee high energy production and net metering (more on that later). In simple terms, sunny weather means you will maximize your solar panels’ potential – even when days are cold and cloudy.

Most solar panels installed in Wellington, FL, are connected to the grid. Grid-tied panels participate in net metering, which ensures that every bit of excess energy is stored in the grid and distributed back to your household when there is not enough sunshine to feed your panels.

It’s particularly effective in places with abundant sunshine, like Florida.

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Solar Laws and Regulations in Wellington

Per the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, 1 in 7 US households will switch to solar energy by 2030. The Sunshine State is one of several states already making significant progress. Florida is setting a great example by incentivizing its citizens with solar incentives, credits, and rebates.

As a Floridian, you are eligible for several incentives to reduce the overall cost of installing a solar panel system. In addition to state laws and regulations, you can also benefit from tax reductions and rebates on the federal and local levels.

  • If you need financial help to achieve this goal, you can review Florida’s Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program.
  • Under Florida’s Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption, you will be released from paying sales tax for any solar equipment certified by Florida Solar Energy Center.
  • Installing solar equipment will increase your property value, but this will not affect your property taxes, as Florida has a property tax abatement for renewable energy.
  • All US citizens are eligible for Residential Clean Energy Credit, which gives you up to 30% back for their solar system costs as a federal tax credit.

The local government in Wellington, FL, supports these initiatives. Not all this, but it also gives back credit to the biggest net metering contributors to the grid. Your only responsibility as a future solar panel system owner is to research the best solar companies in Wellington.

Benefits of Switching to Solar in Wellington

Solar panels might be a considerable investment but will save you money in the long run. Under favorable conditions, solar panels pay for themselves in 5–7 years and last for about 25–30. That means 18–25 years of free energy without drastic cut-downs on electricity bills.

In addition to that, solar panels will add to your property value. In Florida, all owners of properties powered by solar energy are exempt from paying increased property taxes. You’ll continue to pay the same amount as before, even though your house’s worth will be much higher.

In turn, you will be doing something good for the entire planet.

The environmental benefits of going solar are huge. Sun is a sustainable, renewable, and clean source of energy. Systems of panels that harness solar power don’t contribute to the carbon footprint. On the contrary – solar panels reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar technology is straightforward. First, the panels convert sunlight into direct current. After that, the inverter converts direct current into alternating current – a.k.a. usable electricity. So, solar panels don’t need water to work. Let’s not forget to mention that they are 90–97% recyclable.

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SunLynk's Solar Services in Wellington

We can confidently say that SunLynk can connect you with the best solar power companies in Wellington, FL. And here’s why. Our passion for clean and renewable energy is just as endless as sunny days in Florida. It gives us tons of experience with various solar panel systems in the area.

Thanks to that, we can now recommend the best solar panel solutions for any household. After inspecting your roof and property, our technicians will get acquainted with your needs and expectations and then explain the basics – or intricacies – of the installation process.

Permits and licensing are part of what we do, so we also handle that.

When everything is ready to go, we start installing the panels.

Over the years, we’ve developed a smooth and effective installation process that we can tailor to your plans and schedule. Our primary goal is to make Florida better a better place, so we take our work very seriously. We love that you’re doing the same for your neighborhood.

So, when you need Wellington, Florida, solar panel installers, call SunLynk.

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