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At SunLynk, we aim to find the best solar panel solution for your space. We are experts in finding people the best solar companies in Orlando, Florida, as we are passionate about renewable energy. We serve as a link for you to find the best solar solution in your area. We help you connect with experts in your locality and send you personalized quotes at the lowest cost we can find. With several options, you can choose the offer that suits your property and have the best installers working on turning your home or business into a greener space.

Orlando, Florida's Solar Potential

People flock to Orlando, Florida, for its never-ending summer, which translates to long, bright days and abundant natural light. Orlando has a subtropical climate with humid and hot summers, a lot of sunshine, and mild winters. This city has over 233 sunny days yearly, making it an excellent place to harness solar energy.

Investing in solar panels when you reside in Orlando is a no-brainer. The abundance of sunlight is why this city is an excellent candidate for solar panel installations. Orlando has over 2,978 hours of sunshine annually, producing a steady and reliable solar energy source. In technical terms, summers in Orlando can receive enough solar energy to generate 6.17 kilowatts per meter daily. As a result, the city has less need to rely on fossil fuels and other sources that create a bigger carbon footprint.

The climate in Orlando is relatively low in humidity with minimal cloud cover. Hence, there is less chance of moisture or condensation affecting the performance of the solar panels. Moreover, fewer cloudy days lead to more sunlight turning into renewable energy.

Solar Laws and Regulations in Orlando, Florida

The government has issued various solar laws and regulations to support the growth of solar energy in Orlando. These laws and regulations ensure safety when using solar power while promoting greener energy, even in the tiniest homes.

  • Florida law forbids restrictions, ordinances, covenants, and other binding agreements. For homeowners, this means they cannot be denied permission to install a solar panel or any other energy device used for renewable resources.
  • In section 163.04, the legislature states its intent to protect the right of solar consumers who wish to invest in renewable energy.
  • Although the law in Florida encourages homeowners to invest in solar panels, individuals must still ask for the homeowners association’s approval before installation.
  • The net metering policy is one of the government’s most effective regulations. The latter ensures that when solar panel owners generate more electricity than they use, they earn credit to offset future electricity bills. This incentivizes more people to invest while the city can operate on the renewable energy generated by homes and businesses.

Benefits of Going Solar in Orlando, Florida

As the link between buyers and the top Orlando, Florida, solar installers, we strive to make investments in solar panels manageable for everyone. One way we do this is to pair potential buyers with professional installers who will inform them about various grants, tax rebates, and other financial incentives that will minimize the financial burden when investing in solar panels.

When you invest in solar panels, you can take advantage of various solar energy projects such as grants, rebates, tax credits, and low-interest loans so that the loan you take on is not a heavy burden.

The financial benefits of going solar in Orlando are significant. You will have a fixed loan sum you will pay monthly and no worries about upcoming electricity bills. The tax rebates and grants also make investing in greener energy for your home more accessible.

Besides easing the financial burden, solar panels ease a guilty conscious as your home becomes a space that generates greener energy for a brighter future. Not only will your home become less dependent on the grid, but you may be giving renewable energy to other spots in the city and helping to generate cleaner air. Moreover, your property will rise in value when you invest in solar panels.

solar company
solar company
solar company

Sunlynk's Solar Services in Orlando, Florida

As a free public service, SunLynk consists of an extensive network of solar energy installers. We use this network, together with technology, to identify your location and find you the top solar distributors in your area. These licensed and vetted professionals will handle every aspect of solar panel installation, from a free site survey to permits, rebate applications, interconnection, and everything else to ensure your investment in solar energy is smooth.

At SunLynk, we are ready to help facilitate your journey to a greener future, so get in touch.

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