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Solar power can transform customers’ lives by reducing energy bills, increasing property value, and embracing sustainable solar energy. However, finding a trustworthy solar installation company is a tiresome exercise for many consumers.

Sunlynk has some of the best solar companies in Clermont, Florida. With many options, you can choose one to help you meet your energy needs. The companies listed on Sunlynk have the expertise and experience in residential and commercial solar installation.

Clermont Solar Potential

Clermont is a sunshine city, with Florida experiencing 237 sunny days annually. As such, homes and businesses have every reason to leverage solar power. Besides, the area’s hot and dry condition increases AC use to maintain thermal comfort in homes and businesses.

This preset an opportunity for solar energy use in a bid to save on electricity costs. With abundant sunshine, Clermont will never run out of solar, which does not depend on market prices and economic conditions like electricity and gases.

In Clermont, Florida, and the US as a whole, solar energy has great potential. Speaking of, Florida ranks third among States with the most solar energy capacity. In 2021, the sunshine state produced 7,765.1 megawatts of solar energy, sufficient to power more than one million homes.

One article examined the possibility of installing solar panels on all suitable roofs in the US, and the findings were incredible. The 86 billion square feet of viable rooftops would generate 1,400 terawatt hours of electricity, 40% of what utility companies sell.

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Solar Laws and Regulations in Clermont

Clermont has laws and regulations incentivizing going solar. Since Florida is among the leading states in energy consumption, solar is an excellent investment.

Under the Florida Solar Rights Act, you can install solar and other renewable energy devices on Florida buildings without restrictions from any entity, including homeowner associations.

Any restrictions must be reasonable and fair and should not impede the performance and cost of a solar unit. In addition, Florida has a solar property tax exemption incentive, shielding homeowners from paying property taxes when upgrading their homes with solar panels.

Benefits of Going Solar in Clermont, Florida

Installing solar panels in Clermont, Florida, has tons of benefits, including.

Protect the Environment

In the current age of global warming and climate change, anything that protects the planet is welcome. Solar panels are environment-friendly and have a low carbon footprint.

While manufacturing solar panels has environmental implications, it is negligible compared to conventional energy sources. According to the EIA, the US electric power sector generated 1.569 million metric tons of CO2 in 2022.

Increase Home Value

Solar panels are excellent options that enhance your home’s value. Research shows that solar panels boost your home’s value by 4.1%, around $9,274 for an average home. In addition, homes with solar panels tend to appeal to buyers more than those without, thus selling faster.

Lower Utility Bills

Solar panels reduce energy bills, keeping more money in your pockets. While many worry about the upfront installation costs, the savings generated over the years surpass these fees. Also, home users can leverage net metering to receive credit when they produce more solar power than they consume, causing the power bill to run backward.

Take Advantage of Tax Incentives

Solar panels are a good investment for Clermont residents, and they leverage Federal and State tax incentives, saving substantial money. Homeowners can claim the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) tax incentives when they adopt solar energy. For instance, if your solar panel unit costs $10,000, you get $3,000 on your tax return.

Florida residents enjoy a 6% sales tax exemption on solar panels and net metering. Also, they can access several financial options for solar, including home improvement and home equity loans, available for little to no down payment.

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Sunlynk's Solar Services in Clermont

Reputable solar power companies in Clermont, Florida, make going solar painless. In three steps, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of solar and join the renewable energy bandwagon.

First, get a free solar quote or schedule a call with a skilled solar consultant. Second, the solar consultant will visit you onsite to perform an obligation-free solar assessment and answer any questions.

Third, sit back and save the company handling all aspects of the installation process, from system design to permitting, rebate application, and interconnection with your utility provider.

Need Clermont, Florida, solar installers? Contact the experts at Sunlynk.

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