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How should you choose a solar provider?

Choosing to go solar is a valuable investment. Selecting the right solar provider is an important decision that can make for a smooth transition and impact overall system performance. From providing an initial quote and arranging financing, designing and installing the system, to maintaining it over time, there are many aspects that your provider manages.

Key factors in choosing a solar provider


How long a solar provider has been in business isn’t the only sign of a good provider, but it helps. Look for how many years they’ve been in business and how many systems they’ve installed.


Customer ratings sometimes don’t tell the whole story, especially if the review is only about the initial phone call. But reviews and testimonials are good insights into overall customer service and response time.


Look for certifications, licensed contractors, and photos of completed jobs.


A good solar provider will be transparent. Make sure they list out all your estimated costs with projected savings, system installation, and maintenance costs, as well as product warranties to help protect your investment.


Look up what panels and inverters they offer. Some providers have a wide range of types.


It’s a good idea to look at a solar provider’s average wait time for installation. Ask when they would schedule your installation.


Make sure they provide product and performance warranties. Look for length in coverage. The standard is 20 year warranty for solar panels, which leaves you worry-free for the duration of your lease or loan or purchase.

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