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There’s not much better than being in control of one’s own life as much as possible! Homeowners give a lot of their hard-earned money to energy companies to keep the lights on and the electricity running. As a solar installer, you are offering them control and ownership, moving away from utility companies to handle their own energy needs (in more ways than one!).

Cutting the Cord with the Energy Company

This is a fairly obvious perk to solar energy. With solar panels in place homeowners no longer have to be stuck with their utility company of choice, and whatever requests, demands, and costs they set out. Every month, or every bill, is a reminder of how much they are spending.

Solar offers an alternative to that with long-term impacts. Yes, there is a cost to installing solar (which can be offset with financing and tax credits!) but over the years, cutting the cord with the energy company will have huge payoffs.

It can be helpful to try to time any advertising or outreach you do to when your area’s utility companies send out their bills. After opening up a hefty energy bill, the idea of harnessing solar power can be quite appealing!

Freedom from Fuel Fluctuations

Relying on fossil fuels means being subject to the fluctuating (and often rising) costs of fuel. Paying for access to coal, oil, and natural gas can definitely add up over time, especially as the supply of these non-renewable sources of energy dwindles.

The cost of solar is fixed and predictable. There will be no sudden surprises in the mail, and there will be none of the concerns that come with using non-renewable energy. For those who want stable and secure ownership of their energy and the prices they pay, there’s not much better than solar power.

Selling Energy Back to the Grid

Not only can solar save homeowners money, it can make them money. If people generate enough solar energy they can sell it back to the grid, effectively creating a net positive financial impact. If this is a possibility for your prospective client be sure to outline how it works and what kinds of savings they could be looking at. This is a simple way to sweeten the deal, and a great way to close a sale with a homeowner who wants to profit.

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