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Giving Clients Ownership of Energy: Complete Ownership and the Potential for Private Sale

By November 13, 2018January 2nd, 2024No Comments

Ask people to tell you something they know about solar and many will respond with the fact that homeowners using solar can, in fact, make money off of this system instead of spending it. While they may not know all of the details of selling solar power back to the grid, they understand that it’s a possibility and something that sweetens the solar deal. As an installer, you can use this as a springboard to a sale.

Installing solar panels is something that comes with countless benefits. The complete ownership over one’s energy consumption is a major driver for people considering solar, and private sale only sweetens the deal.

The idea is simple, as you know — homeowners generate more power than they need to use in their homes, and thus, get a credit from the energy company as a result. Because many people still rely on the grid somewhat for backup energy, these credits neutralize any non-solar energy use aside from service fees. On a sunny day, homeowners will likely be relying on solar completely, not paying for any backup energy. On days with less ideal conditions, they may dip into that backup, but any over-generation from solar will go against the fees incurred as a result.

It greatly reduces the amount of money a homeowner has to give to their energy company.

Getting into the Specifics

The price paid depends on the energy company, so when you talk to your client be sure to have that information on hand if possible. The more you can tailor financial estimates and responses to your prospect’s specific situation, the more compelling these details will be. Bear in mind that there are usually caps on how much each household can sell, so if your prospective clients think they can turn a huge profit, they will have to be set straight.

Each property has varying potential for solar, which is why we believe in tailoring presentations to clients with as many specifics as possible. Talk to your clients about their own homes, their own desires for solar, and their own understanding of how it all works. By avoiding a one size fits all approach you can hone in on what it is about solar that is motivating your client to learn more, and turn that interest into a sale.

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