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Finding the Best Roofer in Your Area for a New Roof

September 22, 2021

Every home is a family’s safe haven — which is why making compromises with poor-quality roof solutions is a surefire road to disaster. And that makes finding the best area in your area imperative when installing a new roof or even while making basic repairs. Good workmanship is essential here, as roofing repairs can be costly even when done well.

If you want to avoid all the unpleasant hassles that come with poor roofing jobs and increase your costs, you need to hire the most professional roofing contractors. Unfortunately, selecting the right people for the job isn’t as easy as it seems. And that’s why we’ll provide a quick guide on choosing the best roofers!

Where to look

Generally, word of mouth is still the most surefire way of getting accurate details on potential contractors. Your neighbors, colleagues, relatives, and friends can all turn out to be valuable sources of information. Think of someone who’s hired roofing contractors in the past, and ask them who they’ve used.

Naturally, the Internet is also a great source of information, though a less reliable one. Still, even though there are many fake online reviews — you can still see who generally has the most positive reviews from previous clients. Make sure to check local licensing authorities, trade associations, the yellow pages, and check companies at the Better Business Bureau.

Proper vetting

Before you hire any contractor, see if they’ve got a license. And if so, make sure to check if it’s up to date. You can do this via the license board. If you’re unsure of what kind of licensing roofing contractors generally have, check the websites of other contractors.

Also, make sure to ask the roofers for their identification documents — you want to be sure you’re dealing with a legal and legitimate company. Take the contractor’s business address, phone number, and tax identification number.

Furthermore, check if they’ve got insurance. It should include liability coverage and worker’s compensation — generally, hiring uninsured roofers is a bad idea. Apart from that, it’s important to get referrals from the roofer’s past clients — if you notice the contractor is hesitant to provide you with them, it’s not a good sign of their credibility.

Final evaluation

Before getting in business with a specific roofer, you should ask their company to verify their past performance. Also, ask the roofer if they have ample knowledge of the latest technologies. If they demonstrate familiarity with the latest roofing equipment, tools, and materials, as well as installation methods — you’re dealing with a pro.

On that note, ask about the equipment and materials they’ll use during the roof installation. Do some independent research on them and their quality. Keep in mind that poor-quality tools and materials may mean higher expenses for further repairs down the line.

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