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Duke Energy of North Carolina Proposes $62 Million Solar Rebate Program 

According to the International Energy Agency, the years 2016 and 2017 saw solar power as the fastest growing source of energy worldwide. For the first time, solar power outstripped all other forms of power generation, including coal, hailing a new era in world power sources.

Why Solar? Well, for one thing, it saves homeowners and businesses money because it uses energy from the sun to power homes and business. And another plus: solar power is environmentally friendly.

This January, Duke Energy proposed a solar rebate program of $62 million. The program is designed to help residents of North Carolina with the installation of solar panels on their property. Similar incentives are being offered throughout the country.

The federal government, along with numerous state governments throughout the country, have pushed incentives for solar use. They have encouraged people to make energy efficient choices by paying for portions of a solar system through tax credits.

US homeowners receive a 30% tax credit towards the total cost of their solar energy system, though there is a cap on the cost and size of the system. This tax credit is available in full until 2020. After this time, it decreases, then ends at the close of 2021.

It’s important to distinguish long-term benefits from short-term political strategies in use by politicians. Most people live in their homes through the bluff and bluster of different administrations. Make a smart decision and look into going solar now. Today, there are numerous incentives to make it a smart long-term move.

We’re here to help you to understand what is available to you as a home or business owner. Our team can help you satisfy your electrical and heating needs with a long-term solution that can give you a high return on your investment. 

We are a free service, so let us help by answering questions you may have about what programs are available in your area as well as who is able to install and maintain a solar solution for you. 

We stay on top of all the different things happening in the solar energy world, from technical advances to monetary incentives to changing regulations. Let’s get started saving you money.  Contact us today for an estimate on solar installation savings.

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