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Different Types of Replacement Windows

September 22, 2021

Are you looking to provide your home with a much-needed upgrade in the form of replacement windows? Don’t worry — while there are plenty of different types of replacement windows out there, we’ve come up with a quick guide on some of the more popular kinds!

Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows represent some of the most consistently popular kinds of window replacements. With two sashes, such windows provide increased cleanability and airflow, seeing as both the lower and upper sections can be opened and closed. Conversely, single-hung windows have a fixed upper window section, while only the lower one opens.

Casement Windows

Most commonly, casement windows are installed in bathrooms and above kitchen sinks, due to their excellent ventilation capabilities. However, regardless of their location, they also hold the advantage of better security due to airtight seals and safety locks, as well as superb energy efficiency.

Depending on the specific unit, this type of window can open to the right or to the left. On hot summer days, the big unobstructed opening provided by a casement window can give your home just the airflow it needs.

Hopper Windows

The typical hopper windows have hinges either on the bottom or the top and they open inwards, giving you plenty of air circulation. Homes with hopper windows generally have them in the bathroom or the basement. These kinds of windows are ideal for such spaces due to the light they provide to dark rooms. Also, they’re great for preventing mold growth with increased airflow, as well as providing decent security with small inward openings that are practically impossible to break into.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are there to provide a beautiful view of outdoor scenery and draw in as much natural light as possible. Instead of multiple small windows, a single rectangular one will give you a stunning view and increase the visual appeal of your home.

Generally, these windows may also make your room seem larger than it is, particularly if they take up a lot of the wall space. These represent a smart investment if you’re remodeling your bedroom or living room — though we recommend curtains or blinds for light control and privacy.

Bay Windows

These windows consist of three window panels which combine into a three-dimensional, curved structure — one that’s just as visually pleasing when seen from the exterior and the interior. It’s often a staple of large living rooms and spacious kitchens. This kind of window also provides a small amount of additional floor space, as well as an abundance of natural light.

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