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There is a lot of solar installation competition, but there are more homes that can benefit from solar than there are installers. So get out there and close.

Follow these three tips to help close that deal every time.

1. Provide Incentives for Doing Business with Your Company

If you want to close a deal quickly, offer your customer a deal they simply cannot pass up. Offer something for signing up to go solar now rather than later. It should be an offer that still makes you money, but has a deadline attached.

The adage, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” holds true in the world of converting solar sales leads into installations. When a customer is interested in your offering, make sure that they know why they should sign with you and not one of your competitors.

You might focus on your impeccable installation skills, customer service, reliability, or another aspect appealing to your customers. The choice is yours. But make sure you provide the best impression you can, from the start.

2. Listen to Your Clients’ Concerns

The best salespeople know that listening is more likely to lead to a sale than being pushy.

Converting to solar is a big deal for most people so take the time to fully understand a potential customers’ concerns. Address them one by one.   

Once your client fully understands all the reasons that solar makes sense for them, particularly now, they are more likely to choose you because you took the time to help them understand and get comfortable with the technology.

Avoid any “one approach fits all” strategy. Your customers are unique and so the way you interact with them should vary according to their circumstances and needs.

Listening to what your client is telling you and proceeding accordingly will close you more deals than being bombastic ever will.

3. Offer Flexible Payment Options

Not everyone has cash on hand, so be ready to offer different ways for people to pay for their systems.

Be sure, however, to underline the immediate monthly electric bill savings. Off-set money worries by mentioning any incentive programs that are relevant to them. And don’t neglect to mention the almost inevitable increase in their home’s value.

While the figures speak for themselves, your leads may need more convincing. Stress to customers that their new solar system purchase will pay for itself with the savings they will see on their monthly electric bill, starting from month one.

With experience and by focusing on these three areas, you will be able to provide the facts and reassurances that make your leads feel more comfortable with solar and you’ll close your deals, time and time again.

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