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2022 – Solar is the cheapest energy for Homeowners

March 8, 2022

Just a couple of decades ago, the idea of solar power being mainstream was pure science fiction — something you’d see in the works of Arthur C. Clarke more than in real-world business plans. However, this method for generating electricity is now the most promising hope for our future. Before, it was both inaccessible and […]

Residential Solar in the Lone Star State

February 17, 2022

Texas is an important part of the US energy industry — thus playing an equally important role in all industry trends in the country’s energy sector. And while the number of solar installations in the state has increased over the past decade, this type of renewable energy still makes up only a small part of […]

2022 Best Residential Solar States and Companies

February 9, 2022

Solar panels are an incredibly important technology — and on a practical level, it can help you save a ton of money on energy while also making you feel better about your contribution to the fight for a cleaner planet. However, as great as solar panels are — they aren’t exactly a small investment, nor […]

Rising Demand for Solar Power

September 22, 2021

As of 2021, the solar industry in the United States is experiencing its biggest successes yet. The amount of solar energy produced in the US is absolutely booming — while the longer-term trajectories and trends in the solar industry only further demonstrate the immense potential for sustained growth nationwide. Massive Growth in Past Two Decades […]

2022 CA Solar Incentives, Tax Credits & Rebates

September 9, 2021

Citizens of the Golden State know just how lucky they are for all the plentiful sunshine they have all year-round. And apart from improving their tans and the general mood — it also makes California ideal for solar power. Plus, solar power isn’t just energy-efficient in California; it’s also incredibly affordable, thanks to plenty of […]

2022 NJ Solar Incentives, Tax Credits & Rebates


Did you know that New Jersey has some of the most attractive solar incentives in the country? As a result, it’s one of the few states that have more than one gigawatt in pure solar capacity — the Garden State is a positive solar powerhouse! Thanks to generous rebates and incentives, New Jersey has enough […]

2022 Maryland Solar Incentives, Tax Credits & Rebates


Thanks to the increasing affordability of solar technology and the generous solar rebates offered by the state of Maryland, installing solar panels on your roof is as easy as having some of the state’s world-famous crabs! And if you want to learn more about the constantly plummeting expenses of solar energy in Maryland, we’ve prepared […]

Solar Incentives

2022 Georgia Solar Incentives, Tax Credits & Rebates

July 19, 2021

If you live in Georgia, you might have noticed that many of your fellow Georgians have installed solar energy systems in their homes. By last year, Georgia was home to more than 300,000 residential solar energy systems. And the local solar market is only set to grow in the next half-decade. With that in mind, […]